Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese Maple Tree

Taking a photo is often only half the process, especially when capturing RAW photos on a low contrast day. This photo from Autumn last year shows before and after versions, the original looking quite flat and dull in comparison to the one with settings tweaked to bring out the colour and detail.

Japanese Maple Tree (before)

Los Angeles

While attending the Oculus Connect 2 conference recently (review here), I was able to take some time out to soak up some of the sights of L.A. Although I only packed an iPhone, fortunately a relative who lives there has my old 20D so I was able to get a few scenic snaps.

Shazam for plants and flowers

I’m not sure what this plant thing is but it just randomly sprung up in the garden the other day and made me wish there was a Shazam-like app for plants and flowers. If it ever gets published I’ll try and remember to post a link.


Update July 2015: Only after randomly flicking through a random book I was browsing in a second-hand store,  ‘The Ultimate Book of Flowers‘, did I spot a photo of this and learned it is a aechmea fasciata. Later that night I did another online search for a flower photo recognition software and found a link to ‘LikeThatGarden‘ – released only last month. After downloading the app, I then took a photo of my photo and a similar photo showed up the third level of results. I’d say that is a success.

I then went out into the garden with my iPhone and shot a picture of it at night (with flash on) and after analysing it for a few seconds found it exactly.

Good to know that someone else had had the same issues so made an app for it that works!

180 x2


Managed to get my 2nd score of ‘180!’ in the space of a month. As can be noted I need to get some new shafts, good thing the best dart store I’ve found in Melbourne is just around the corner – Dart World Australia.


Mount Martha Landscapes

Mount Martha Sunset
On a recent weekend away I found myself down at Mount Martha and faced with the challenge of trying to work out the best way to capture the sunset. I tend to shoot too many photos directly into the sun thinking it will look the best but inevitably don’t ever seem to come out as it appears to the naked eye. However, in the above shot by incorporating the local street lamps in the foreground and cranking up the saturation I was able to get a shot that seemed to stand out more. Also by waiting until the sun had set, it made the dynamic range easier for the camera to fit all the light in. The photos below are my other favourites from the trip. In order to make up for the way the shots come out of the camera, the contrast, saturation and vibrance have all been cranked a bit to match how it looked to me on the day.

Mount Martha Sunset

View of Melbourne from Mount Martha