Ben Loveridge

Ben is a graduate researcher at The University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music investigating the intersection of networked music and virtual reality (VR). He works as the Coordinator of Immersive Media (AR/VR) in the Learning Environments VR lab, assisting with the integration of VR in the curriculum as well as running masterclass sessions for staff and graduate research students.

In 2017, Ben was inducted as an Institute Fellow (Virtual Reality) at the Networked Society Institute for his work related to the use of VR at the University. The Music Therapy in Virtual Environments project was as a finalist in the 2017 National Disability Awards and the 2018 iAwards national finals in the Infrastructure and Platform Innovations of the Year category.

Journal Publications

  • Tamplin, J., Loveridge, B., Clarke, K., Li, Y., & J Berlowitz, D. (2019). Development and feasibility testing of an online virtual reality platform for delivering therapeutic group singing interventions for people living with spinal cord injury. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 1357633X19828463.


  • Networked music performance in virtual reality. NowNet Arts Conference, November 9th 2019. Stony Brook University, New York, USA (via Zoom).
  • AR/VR at the University of Melbourne. Researcher Connect. August 28th, 2019. Graduate House, University of Melbourne.
  • Music Therapy in VR. APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network), July 24th 2019, Putrajaya, Malaysia (via Zoom).
  • Networked music performance in virtual reality (Poster Presentation). International Symposium on Performance Science, July 16-20, 2019, Melbourne.
  • Music Therapy in VR. AARNet Networkshop. 6 June, 2019, Melbourne.
  • Jobs of the Future in VR. Panel Discussion, 23 January, 2019, Academy Xi, Melbourne.
  • Real-time Networked Music Therapy in Virtual Reality. QUESTnet, September 28, 2018, Cairns.
  • Using Virtual Reality for Innovation in Research and Teaching. University of Melbourne Professional Staff Conference, September 5, 2018, Melbourne.
  • Networked Society Institute VR Project Showcase. Telstra Labs, June 27, 2018, Melbourne.
  • The Use of VR/AR in Vocational Education, Panel Discussion, May 9, 2018, RMIT University, Melbourne.
  • Practical Considerations for Integrating Virtual Reality in the Classroom. University of Melbourne Professional Staff Conference, September 7, 2017, Melbourne.
  • Virtual Reality Projects at the Melbourne Networked Society Institute. Sensilab Forum, April 17, 2017, Monash University, Melbourne.

Teaching and Workshops

  • Learning through immersive media workshop. Learning Environments Masterclass Series, September 11, 2019. University of Melbourne.
  • Researcher Virtual Reality Masterclass. Learning Environments Masterclass Series, March 28, 2019. University of Melbourne.
  • Getting Started with Virtual Reality using Unity. Research Bazaar, February 20, 2019. University of Melbourne.
  • Using Virtual Reality for Innovation in Research and Teaching. Researcher @ Library Week, August 29, 2018. University of Melbourne.
  • Non-Linear Story Experiencing in Virtual Reality. LE Masterclass Series. August 3, 2018. University of Melbourne.

Media Coverage


  • iAwards 2018 – Infrastructure & Platforms Innovation of the Year Merit Award (as member of the Music Therapy VR team)
  • 2017 National Disability Award – Finalists (as member of the Music Therapy VR team)

Social Media