Ben Loveridge

As the Coordinator of Immersive Media (AR/VR) at The University of Melbourne, Ben assists with the integration of immersive technology throughout teaching and research. He maintains the Learning Environments Immersive Media Lab, helps solve problems for staff and students, and provides consultancy for digitally mediated technology including audio, video and virtual production. He is currently a graduate researcher at The University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music investigating the topic of “Duo Singing in Virtual Reality and Video Conferencing”.

Current research work includes as an inter-disciplinary team member investigating the Ethics of Biometric Capture in Music Performance through the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics (CAIDE), as well as music performance training in virtual reality. Other work has investigated the use of virtual reality in music therapy settings.

Here is a video from the 2020 NowNet Arts Conference – Using virtual reality to assist online singing teaching

Education and courses

2029 – Doctor of Philosophy – Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne (under offer)
2023 – Master of Music Psychology and Performance Science – Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne (under examination)
2021 – Jacktrip Virtual Studio Certification – NowNet Arts
2012 – Graduate Certificate in University Management – The University of Melbourne
1999 – Bachelor of Music – The University of Melbourne