Save Live Australia’s Music (S.L.A.M.) Rally

Thousands of live music supporters marched to the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne today protesting against liquor licensing laws that have impacted on the operation of many live music venues around the state. Here is my footage and stills captured on the day with the Canon 7D.

  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0005
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0007
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0008
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0018
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0021
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0028
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0069
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0075
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0093
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0094
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0097
  • bkl_20100223_SLAM_protest_rally_live_music_0098

Fortunately, with a recent Live Music Accord being brokered behind the scenes just prior to the rally it looks like common sense will prevail. More information can be found on the SLAM website.

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